So put it on the ice....

So put it on the ice....

We tend to think that if something is frozen it can be kept in the freezer forever. This is almost true if we pay sufficient attention to preparation. But before we reveal the KEY secrets, let’s peep into the freezing mysteries.

With freezing, we drastically reduce the growth of microorganisms with reducing the temperature. As the water in the food freezes into ice crystals, it becomes inaccessible for those microorganisms to replicate. With freezing, there is hardly any effect on the nutrient content of the food. Some fruits and vegetables are blanched – immersed in boiling water for a short time before freezing to deactivate enzymes and yeasts, which can continue their destructive operations in spite of the freezing. With this a portion (15-20%) of Vitamin C is lost, but despite the loss, fruits and vegetables are frozen in their “top shape and condition”, soon after the harvest, so nutrient content is often higher than of the “Fresh” copies.

Fortunately, fruits and vegetables generally withstand freezing very well, but in any case it is important to pay attention to their preparation. Always clean, wash and dry them before freezing. If you wish to have “rolling” individually frozen pieces you may want to use a tray, and then after they are frozen, pack the individual pieces into a bag. As much as we love it, do not try freezing the watermelon, grapes, oranges, tangerines and grapefruit in is original form, but freeze the fruit pulp and juice instead. In case of vegetables, almost all can be placed into the freezer. A variety of oily seeds like almond kernels, hazelnut, walnut and poppy – can be frozen also to protect them from rancidity.

And finally,few practical advices for keeping the same quality for almost 18 months :
– Avoid freezing when wet, because frost can occur within the packaging.
– Never use a bottle for packaging; it could break due to the cooling. (Generally, always does …)
– Tag it! It is preferable to scribble the content and the dose on the package. Do not forget to write the date on it.
– IMPORTANT: Never freeze after thawing!!!

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