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Many people are seeking out healthier fast food options, trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in their diets but don’t have time to buy and prepare the ingredients for a good meal  or smoothie at home. With my parents and my partner’s help we came out with SmooGo brand.


Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. – Hippocrates

About Us

I was born in the family where food (good, qualityfood), takes a great importance in our life. My grandparents were farm and orchard owners, wholefood growers and the knowledge how to grow, produce, prepare and processfood,  I cansay, is in my blood.

Both, my parents took it to another level and became food technology engineers with more than 39 years experience in the frozen food industry. Throughout years next to them, I learned all the tricks and tweaks they thought me. With my architect engineer degree and in the middle of my carrier as an architect, my life stream took me back to my origin.

Even though we mostly eat and drunk homemade, farm-grown products 7 years ago my daughter was diagnosed with food intolerance.  For her wellbeing, I started paying more attention on what kind of food am I purchasing what is surrounding us and I noticed most of them are processed food with additives, color, preservatives ect.

I begun researching, studying what is surrounding us  and  started changing our lifestyle.

Smoothie consumption as well as wholefood / raw foodc consumption, took a great roll in our life and I wanted to share my knowledge and recipes with people with similar lifestyles, as well as helping and teaching those who consciously want to change it.

Our health is our main treasure and it is often evaluated only when we have a problem. Health, for many people is taken for granted, and prevention in general is not important. In our stressful lives it is even more important to consume healthy, raw, additive, GMO and sugar free (added sugar) products like SmooGo smoothies.

Since I have been living and traveling to a lots of countries, international cuisine and introduced local products and spices of those countries make my smoothie preparations creative. By adding different spices and grains  to the same fruit and vegetable SmooGo mix base, you can get a completely different product. Like that you can never get bored!

It is fun process figuring out the recipes, taking in consideration their final blent color, taste, nutrition values ect. with my mom. Now my creativity is found in the smoothies and I am more than happy to pass our knowledge to my daughter!

Evelina Pancer

Evelina Pancer

Product manager

With my previous job I had a very busy schedule. I traveled a lot and eating healthy on the go was a real challenge. Very often I ended with a cookie, piece of bread or chocolate croissant, which was easy to find, buy and consume on the go. I always wished there is something more healthy . With my daughter’s food intolerance, I had to change the traditional way of preparing food and cooking… >>>