Frequently Asked Questions

What is SmooGo mix?


SmooGo mix is a 200 g/portion, IQF frozen fruit and vegetable mix. Presently found in 6 flavors:
– SmooGo Diet (apple, peach, spinach, broccoli, parsley root)
– SmooGo Anti Stress (apple, carrot, plum, strawberry)
– SmooGo Vitality (apple, squash, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, red currant)
– SmooGo Anti Age (apple, redcurrant, cherry, banana, red cabbage)
– SmooGo Digestive (apple, squash, mango, rhubarb)
– SmooGo Protein (apple, banana, blackcurrant, blueberry, bean)


How should I prepare SmooGo smoothie?


The content of the package shall be blended with 200 ml, purified water / mineral water or herbal tea room temperature at least 20˚C. Blending time for 2-3 minutes minimum 950 W blender. Since the mix is frozen there is no need to add extra ice. If you would like less icy product, liquid added to blend can be warmer.

Can I find SmooGo mixes in retail stores?

Presently SmooGo mixes are sold to different partners like gas stations, restaurants, hotels, schools ect. We are planning to have these sold to general public in the near future.

Does your SmooGo products contain artificial flavors?

No, in fact our SmooGo mixes have no added sugar, preservatives, flavor, hormone, additives! Gluten and GMO-free!

How shall I store SmooGo?

– in refrigerator (between 0 ° C to + 7˚C) for 1 day
– in a freezer (-6˚C) for 3 days
– in a freezer (-12˚C) for 3 weeks
– in a freezer (up -18˚C) store by the end of the month marked on the box. (month/year)

Do not freeze, after thawing!

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