Thinking about introducing SmooGo into your business?

Our Unique Approach, Great Ingredient mixes can save your time and money
providing healthy SmooGo smoothies in your business to your customers.

Minimal start up Investment

  • No costly commercial equipment, only a freezer needed
  • No Start-Up Fees
  • No Restrictive Agreements

Minimal Operating Expenses

Down-sized minimal inventory, keeping only the essentials with No Waste or Shrinkage ensure the highest profit margins per serving.

Increase Revenues & Profitability

Our systems ensure simple, efficient and quick service production that creates an incredible ease of operation and profits.

Finest Ingredients & An Unbeatable Product

Pre-packaged, frozen, ready to use bags of premium quality mixed frozen fruits and vegetables.

Dedicated Support System & Ongoing Support

Our business is you. What’s the point, you ask? When you profit, we profit. It’s really that simple.

Special offer

If you sign up for a 12 pack monthly plan (300 units), we provide you our most silent commercial blender for free.

Where are potential locations of SmooGo
products and blenders?

Restaurants, bars and hotels

Health institutions and hospitals

Large companies

Other public institutions

Festivals and public events

Train stations, bus stations, airports


Beaches and swimming pools

Schools, universities and faculties


What are our advantages?

Fast preparation in accordance to our fast way of living.

Easy to install

You need only a freezer and water supply – we make preparation for you.


Natural, healthy, raw, additive, gluten, GMO, pesticide, hormone and added sugar free.

Easy logistic

  • SmooGo mix packages are packed per serving.
  • Easy to log in, count and control quantities.
  • One button operation.

All year around

Can serve during wintertime as room temperature vitamin bomb – and during summertime as cold refresher.

Superior taste

Each ingredients are harvested ripe and individually frozen within 2 hours to keep all health benefits. You experience freshness all around the year.

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