What is SmooGo?

SmooGo (Smoothie to Go) is a frozen premixed fruits and vegetable package, which was carefully prepared for prevention purposes.  Each SmooGo recipe has the precise frozen whole fruit, vegetable mix to create the ultimate smoothie in few  minutes. You need a blender, just  add your choice of liquid (water, tea, or dairy free milk) and blend. Of course, SmooGo consumption  alone won’t fix a poor diet, but they can make a good addition to a healthy diet. Many research found that for people who may not be consuming enough fruits and vegetables (most people), consuming smoothies may be helpful in upping fruit and vegetable intake.  Adding the SmooGo smoothies  to their diet can increase their energy and lead to fewer aches and pains.

The best way to get nutrition is from food, and consuming a healthy smoothie every day gives you most of your nutrition in one proven, delicious dosage. Because they’re blended, smoothies provide more nutrients than you could otherwise get in one sitting – a whole lot of fruits and vegetables (without the chewing, too!). Drinking a smoothie in the morning keeps you from indulging in empty carbohydrates like donuts and removes the temptation of the drive through or greasy, sweet croissant. If you are not able to get your kids to eat a big bowl of broccoli, spinach or kale, you can sneak them into a berry smoothie maybe with a bit of cocoa powder and they probably won’t even notice!

Why  frozen?

My father has a saying: „Frozen is fresher than fresh”.  It is well known that fresh vegetables can lose up to 45% of important nutrients by the time they reach the dinner table. Time spent in storage, in transportation and sitting on the shelves means it can be more than two weeks from the vegetables being picked to being eaten. What about the taste? Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables are picked while they are still green (bananas, pineapple, mango) and they are ripening in the boxes, on the boat, store storages and shelves. Many of us, we don’t know what is the real taste of above mentioned, until we travel to countries they actually come from and we taste the „REAL” sun ripened and harvested fruits and vegetables.

Freezing technology has the great ability freezing freshly picked ripe fruits, vegetables and green leaves which are  close to the point of harvest and by that maintaining a higher level of many vitamins and nutrients which are important for our diet. They taste better and also frozen fruit and vegetables will help keep your smoothies thick and frosty.

Simple to Make

You should have a good (min. 30000 rpm engine) and easily accessible blender, a freezer with SmooGo bags. Add one SmooGo mix + 2 dl purified water/mineral water, herbal tea or dairy free milk (room temperature at least 20˚C). Push a button and blend for 2-3 minutes. Poor in a glass and ready to go and consume. (If you like a bitmore floaty smoothies you can add 2,5dl of liquid).

SmooGo mix can be used as a base for your personalized smoothie recipe. Easy to do variations of a meal by adding either spices (curcuma, cinnamon, bourbon vanilla, lemon, ginger etc.), nuts, cereals by which our smoothie becomes main meal.

10 reasons why SmooGo is good for us

You get your daily allowance of fruits and vegetables
Consumption of fruits and vegetables is good for us because they contain Vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants which are important for out health! Smoothies consist all of them. Because they’re blended, smoothies provide more nutrients than you could otherwise get in. With a smoothie, you can easily incorporate 1-2 cups of greens and 1-1,5 cups of fruit – and it’s a fast and easy way to eat your fruits and vegetables!

Quick, fun and easy to make
Smoothie has never been so easy to prepare like SmooGo, which is special frozen prepacked mix.

Kids like smoothies
Smoothies are tasty and many healthy fruits and vegetables can be blended and hidden. By adding some cocoa powder and couple of sweet dates  you will make a perfect and nutritious drink for them!

They improve digestion
Fiber is an important part of any diet. Due to high fiber content in smoothie the content of digestive system passes it easier and faster. The digestive system stays healthy, lowers the risk of constipation, hemorrhoids or tumors and makes you feel full longer.

They detox, you look more healthy and beautiful
Your skin, hair, nails are healthier and more radiant. Vitamins and minerals are considered essential nutrients for our body.

Antioxidants may prevent or delay cell damage, and fruits and vegetables offer rich sources of them. High-level doses in supplements may cause damage, so it’s best to get your antioxidants from whole foods. We build our immune system due to high fiber content, vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables and by maintaining healthy digestive tract.

Strengthen your immune system
We build our immune system due to high fiber content, vitamins and minerals and due to maintaining healthy digestive tract.

They are delicious
Eating healthy and tasting great can go hand in hand. The number of healthy ingredients available for smoothies is practically limitless. After your basic fruits and vegetables, you can add an array of the various spices, herbs, superfoods, and other health foods. The possibilities and combinations are endless. Be creative 🙂

They are energizing and empowering, boosting brain and body
A greater level of energy in our body is lost while digesting. After consuming a smoothie, body needs lest energy to digest and because of that and because of vitamin and mineral intake we feel lighter, energetic and more productive at work.

They hydrate our body
Fruit and vegetables are made mostly from water and water is added to make a blend.

Perfect alkalizing
We improve „our body”s pH, by consuming raw, fruit and vegetables which are alkaline.